I am an in-house Corporate Attorney with experience in handling a wide variety of legal matters of moderate to high exposure and complexity.

Additionally, I am a Freelance Writer with education and/or experience in law, theatre, radio, social media, education, television, entertainment, and sports!

8 Keys to Become a Valuable and Trusted Resource to the C-suite - ACCDocket.com

n-house counsel often find themselves shoulder-to-shoulder with the C-suite when negotiating a deal, discussing litigation, or solving myriad compliance matters that arise daily in the world of corporate law. For those with ambitions to rise to the ranks of senior management , making the transition from in-house counsel to executive can seem like an overwhelming task. But it all begins with being a trusted confidant. During my years as in-house counsel, here’s how I have worked for and alongside

Why It's Smart to Admit If You Don’t Know the Answer - ACCDocket.com

ecently, I learned that if you're in a television pitch meeting, you should never say, "I don't know." That makes sense in an industry where you should understand your own creative material, but it felt odd to hear that as an in-house counsel. Over the years, I've discovered that we're at our best when we're aware of what we don't know. For example, I'm currently working on a Statement of Work with our IT department and I am relying on IT's knowledge as much as they are relying on mine. Tha

4 Ways that Companies Can Adapt to Remote Work - ACCDocket.com

he legal profession has been greatly affected by the rapid and sometimes dramatic advances in technology. These advances have thrust attorneys, sometimes unwillingly, into major transitions. One change is the increase in remote work available to, and increasingly demanded by, attorneys. Technology is drastically altering lawyers' former career model, setting a new standard for legal career paths, and ultimately giving them more freedom in their work.To some degree, based on the American Bar Asso

Client versus vendor negotiations - why it matters

Think about the last time you were a customer in your personal life. Did you expect to be treated a certain way? Did you expect certain standards to be met? Chances are that you did and, if so, you were probably right. The same is true when negotiating contracts for your company. Not every negotiation is the same. Negotiation tactics vary based on an infinite number of factors, one of which is basic, but too often overlooked: Are you negotiating with a client or a vendor? If you’re negotiating

7 Tips for Women New to In-house Law - ACCDocket.com

5. Never let them see you sweat • Don’t be fake. People gravitate toward real human beings, so you should be yourself, but also show up prepared and work hard without any sign of being overwhelmed. I use this strategy, and both male and female colleagues respond positively to me and my work. This approach also makes gender discrimination very clear because if you’re working hard and doing everything that you’re supposed to in your role, discrimination based on gender stands out and is easier to

Elizabeth Colombo Honors Her Grandmother's Breast Cancer Journey

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we asked Patch readers to share their breast cancer journeys on Patch. This is Elizabeth Colombo's letter to her grandmother: My grandma was a complicated woman, but — perhaps above all else — my grandma was a tough woman. Grandma would decide she wanted the furniture in her house rearranged and she'd do so by herself. Grandma's garden was always the most beautiful garden in the neighborhood, and she taught the neighborhood kids how to plant a

Drowning in Paper? Document Management for Law Firms

Elizabeth A. Colombo is a generalist, but one of her major responsibilities is to work cross-functionally with the relevant business teams and stakeholders to draft, review, and negotiate commercial transactions of moderate to high complexity from the bid phase through contract execution. Elizabeth earned her B.A., magna cum laude, in Film, Television, and Theatre from The University of Notre Dame and her J.D., cum laude, from Quinnipiac University School of Law. She is passionate about corporat